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Greetings on behalf of our CEO and founder Eldon Tyrell. l-7

We are so glad that you asked.  We specialize in playing a "third entity" in these large scale scenario games. Basically stated we play a fun roving band of mercenaries, not allied completely with either main side. We are the "Special Ops" of the scenario paintball world and have far less players than the main teams. This forces us to use tactics, negotiating and trickery to achieve our goals. We complete missions, sell props, negotiate terms and play "dirty tricks" for the right "price." We created the Tyrell Corporation as a living, breathing scenario character in itself. Tyrell appears in different scenario games at different times throughout history with the same basic philosophy: make money. It is the ultimate caricature of all that is modern corporate practice. Tyrell is driven only by the bottom line and will use any means to increase profit. Think of evil Dilbert characters with semi-automatic weapons and tanks. Do you have a need for a powerful, ruthless, dynamic, intelligent, creative devious corporation for your event?  Of course you do.  If so please contact us.  We are available to support your teams, build props, produce events, or just add a dash of awesome to any event.

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