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 OK.  This is the real page for the team.  Really.   

What is Tyrell?


We created the Tyrell Corporation as a living, breathing scenario character in itself.  Tyrell appears in different scenario games at different times throughout history with the same basic philosophy: make money.  It is the ultimate caricature of all that is modern corporate practice.  Tyrell is driven only by the bottom line and will use any means to increase profit.  Think of evil Dilbert characters with semi-automatic weapons and tanks.   


The idea for such an entity had floated around within our group for a while.  In late 2004, we began to get serious about it.  Our first hurdle was a name.  After all, Dr. Evil already had “Megacorp” and the “Corporation” was too generic (anyone could have thought of that).  Finally, we hit upon Tyrell.  After all, our core group really began playing together for Wayne Dollack’s first 48-hour scenario game, “Glade Runner”, at Skirmish USA in 2000.  In preparation for that game, we created a backstory for Tyrell and a number of unique characters that Wayne allowed us to put into play.


So we had a name, but we needed a flesh on the bones of our new corporate character.  What could we put on its “role card”?  Again we reached into the Glade Runner bag and realized that no one knew how Tyrell became the provider of Replicants in a far-flung future.  Where did Tyrell’s history begin if Glade Runner represented the end?


As Tyrell appears in each scenario game (including those we host) more chapters will be added to the story.  So far, we have played an evil corporate entity in World War I and II; carpet baggers in the Civil War (Col. Beauregard Tyrell at your service, sir!); revenuers chasin' shine across the county line (pre-NASCAR); CIA mercenaries in Vietnam; NVA mercenaries in Vietnam; mercenaries working for Manual Noriega in Panama (sensing a theme yet?); and mercenaries in the horror of Somalia.  Members of the team have all served as Generals, XOs, Company Commanders, and wacky characters in a host of other events.  Wherever and whenever we are, the Tyrell character will adapt to the game scenario while retaining its essential core as a greedy, profit hungry corporate predator. 


Please see the "Schedule and Game Info" page for updates, game schedules, and links to embarrassing pictures of ourselves and others.  





A. Eldon Tyrell

President and CEO,
Tyrell Corporation, LLC. 
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